Welcome to Hungerford Food Community. We love food and community in Hungerford!

We love to bring local residents and producers together to reduce food miles and value our local, seasonal ingredients.

We love to inspire people of all ages to enjoy cooking more at home and together as we believe this is good for our health, our soul and the planet. It’s also lots of fun and tastes great too.

What do we do?

  • run monthly outdoor food and artisan markets at The Croft Field Centre from April to October
  • organise several cookery workshops through the year
  • offer cookery activities for young people at schools and youth clubs in Hungerford
  • fund cookery equipment as requested for organisations in Hungerford

We are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to get involved, please contact us on hungerfordfoodcommunity@gmail.com



8 Responses to Home

  1. Nick Davies says:

    Hi. I left a message for you on your website contact form, but never got a reply. Please email or phone. Thanks.

  2. John Coyle says:

    Your event has only just been brought to my attention. I don’t imagine you have any exhibitor space left. Do let me know. John Coyle

  3. Christopher Cowan says:

    Hi there I am one of the chefs at the tally ho and was wondering what the result of the contest were??

    • pennylocke64 says:

      Hi Chris – thanks for entering. Judges were impressed with all the entries. Results now posted on the website under 2016 Competitions.

  4. Esther Khoo says:

    Good morning Penny

    Gert @ Blandy’s Restaurant has asked me to get in touch with you. I have worked with Gert on a few Food & Wine Pairing events with Gert.

    I am a small vineyard owner & wine producer in the south of France. I grow all of my grapes and make it in my winery at the foothills of Mont Noir in Trassanel, France.

    Could you let me know if I could have a stall at your Festival on 6 October 2019. Close to Gert if possible!

    Please email me at khooestates@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 07860 205353.

    Thank you & kind regards

    EARL je suis esther

  5. Jenny Scully says:

    Hello, could someone please send me the website link for the tree replanting project, I took some saplings last week and need to care for them! Thanks 🙂

  6. Hello, I have a vegan food stall gazebo and I sell vegan food, burgers, hot dogs, deli, desserts and I am interested to trade at your event.
    Can we get in contact.
    Thank you.

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