Information for Stallholders – 2022 Markets


The Croft Field Centre, Hungerford RG17 0HY


8am – 9.30am. Stallholders arrive. We will allocate pitches in order of arrival both for safety reasons and to allow for the optimum use of the available space.

Some stallholders will be able to park on the field, others will park very nearby at the entrance to the venue.

10am. Public let in. There will be hand sanitiser available for customers on entry to the market field.

1pm. When the public have cleared the site, vehicles can start exiting.

Your pitch

You will have a 3m x 3m pitch. Please bring your own table and gazebo. 15kg weights per gazebo leg are required in case of windy conditions. 

Stall Holders must bring suitable bags or bins and a brush for the collection of food waste and other rubbish. Food waste is to be managed correctly and taken off site by stall holders at the end of the day. The event organisers will provide recycling bins for plastic, cardboard and tins.

Any accidents should be reported immediately to a marshall.

There will be toilet facilities for stallholders in the Croft Field building. Hungerford Town Council encourages people to still wear masks inside the building.

Emergency Exits

In the event of the need to clear the field, there are 3 emergency exits available: gate to canal at bottom of the Croft field; gate in top left corner; the main entrance gate.


YOU MUST NOT attend if you or anyone in your household has had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 7 days. If you develop symptoms within 7 days of attending the market you MUST use the Test, Track and Trace system to alert others with whom you have been in contact. This applies to you as you will be permitted to use the indoor toilet facilities. We would alert all volunteers and other market stall holders in this unlikely event.


Stall holders need to ensure that all their required licences and Public Liability Insurance are up to date and email certificates to before each event. Any trader selling alcohol must have a TEN license and adhere to the ‘challenge 25’ policy.

All stallholders are required to have carried out a careful assessment of the potential risks associated with their particular activity. All staff involved with the preparation, handling or packing of food will either hold Level 2 Food Hygiene or be supervised by someone qualified.

Labelling of products should be honest and informative (including allergens) and prices should be clearly displayed. See Food Standards Agency instructions here:

All portable electrical appliances must have an accredited PAT test certificate.


All stall holders are asked to ensure customers handle goods as little as possible and to maintain current hygiene standards. Please use a card machine or sanitise your hands after handling cash. Please also consider having hand sanitiser available on your stall for customers to use.

Anyone handling unwrapped foods must wear clean protective over-clothing such as aprons or jackets. It is recommended that some form of head covering be worn with long hair tied back. Staff who handle or prepare foods should not travel to the market in their protective clothing. They should remove their protective clothing if they leave the stall.

Stall Holders must ensure the correct temperature control in accordance with Environmental Health guidelines throughout the market, as well as travelling to and from the market. This applies to products on display as well as those stored in vehicles. Sneeze guards must be used where Environmental Health guidelines require this i.e. unwrapped foods.


Any stall holder cooking at markets must ensure that they do not endanger any member of the public. They must site any apparatus well away from the front or edge of the stall and should have a safety barrier placed at least 50 cm from the appliance, provide warning signs.

All stall holder using gas/burning appliances must have a fire blanket and an appropriate fire extinguisher on-site. All gas pipes should be of the approved type i.e. orange, date stamped and not older than five years. Although it is not obligatory, it is good working practice to have correctly attached fittings i.e. crimped end termination.

If you smell gas turn off all equipment, inform all other stall holders who will turn off their equipment and inform a marshall.


We look forward to welcoming you and really appreciate all the extra work needed to help keep everyone feeling safe.

In the event of a problem or if you have any questions please contact Penny Locke: 07768 981658

Warmest wishes , The Hungerford Food Community Team.