Hungerford Cook-Off 2015 Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Hungerford Cook-Off! The judges were very impressed by the quality of the entries.

Cup Cakes

11yrs & under

1st Ellie Adams – Chocolate CupcakesEllie Adams

2nd Ellie Stevens – Chocolate Cake

3rd Alexander Ravenhill Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

12 – 16 yrs

1st Ella Stevens – Chocolate Cupcakes Hungerford Food Festival Competition 2015Hungerford Food Festival Competition 2015


11yrs & under

Joint 1st Toby Wheeler – Eton Mess CakeHungerford Food Festival Competition 2015 Hungerford Food Festival Competition 2015

Joint 1st Cailtin Muldoon – Daisy Meadow CakeHungerford Food Festival Competition 2015

12 – 16 yrs

1st Avnoot Dulai – Rainbow Cake Hungerford Food Festival Competition 2015


11yrs & under

1st Jack Seden – BrowniesHungerford Food Festival Competition 2015

2nd Elodie Shepard – Nob Hobs Oatie

3rd Maddy Rose Harries – Cherry Shortbread

12 – 16 yrs

1st Ella Stevens – Shortbread

2nd Taron Dulai – Flapjacks

17 yrs & over

1st Lisa Flanagan – Ginger BiscuitsHungerford Food Festival Competition 2015

2nd Sarah Chatters – Chocolate & Ginger Biscuits

5-a-Day Treat

11yrs & under

1st Maddy Rose Harries – Carrot & Courgette Muffins Hungerford Food Festival Competition 2015

2nd Amy Muldoon – Carrot & Banana Cake

3rd George Shepard – Apple Pie

17yrs & over

1st Philippa Adams – Banana, Cranberry & Orange LoafPhilippa Adams

Gluten-Free Dish

1st Phil BrownPhil Brown

Savoury Dish

11yrs & under

1st Maddy Rose Harries – Tomato, Cheese & Basil Spirals

2nd George Shepard – Spinach & Ricotta Pie

3rd Lotte Davies – Butter Cheese Spelt Rolls (also Gluten Free)

17yrs & over

1st Peter Shepard – Ham & Chicken Pie Hungerford Food Festival Competition 2015

2nd Sophie Shepard – Salmon Quiche

Preserves – Sweet

17yrs & over

1st Peter Harries – Blackcurrant & Apple Jam

2nd Carol Unwin – Fig Jam

3rd Peter Harries – Ruff Stuff Marmalade

Preserves – Savoury

17yrs & over

1st Simon Flanagan – Green Chilli & Lime Jam

2nd Anne Bunn – Tomato Relish

3rd Anne Bunn – Sweet Chilli Sauce

Photo credits: Shona Wheeler, Penny Locke

Many thanks to the sponsors of the Hungerford Cook-Off!

Beechwood EggsBeechwood Eggs who are based in Hampstead Norreys and supply free range eggs from happy chickens across West Berkshire.

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