Chilli Eating & Pumpkin Challenges

Chilli Eating Competition

For the first time last year we had a Chilli Eating Competition run by Hungerford’s very own award-winning food scientist and chilli fanatic Simon Flanagan. Simon put five brave contestants – Jo Winney, Nick Schlanker, Francis, Franciel Okoergazle and Dan Lewis  – through their paces in front a packed audience.

“It was lots of run and drew record crowds,” said Simon. “I’m just glad we didn’t need the sick bags or paramedics! Next year promises to have even more chillis and will include a special competition for kids.”

The contestants had one minute to eat chillis that increased in heat without even touching the glass of milk in front of them. Two contestants, Francis and Dan Lewis got through to round 9 eating the Carolina Reaper, the hottest chilli in the world and the final winner was Dan.

Details for the 2019 Chilli Easting Competition coming soon!


Pumpkin Challenge

Can you grow Hungerford’s biggest pumpkin?! To enter  the food festival Pumpkin Challenge, bring you pumpkin to the HEAT stall on the Town Hall steps between 10.30am – 12noon on the day.

This is the biggest pumpkin entry we’ve ever had (from local head gardener Barney Barnes) weighing in at 95.5 kilos (210 lbs).

But Barney’s not growing pumpkins this year so everyone has a chance of winning!