2017 Live Demos

We are delighted to present another fabulous line-up of local chefs to inspire you. This schedule is subject to change so please check on the day.

10.45am The Perfect Risotto – Gert Pienaar

Gert Piennar Demo crop

Blandy’s at Inglewood, Head Chef Gert Pienaar’s demonstrations have been a popular feature of HFF over the years as he makes the most sophisticated dishes seem easy!

This year he will demonstrate how to cook the perfect risotto – with top tips on consistency, flavour and timing.


11.30am The Art of Pickling – Ollie Hunter

Ollie Wheatsheaf

Chef and co-owner of The Wheatsheaf in Chilton Foliat, and Masterchef semi-finalist 2013, Ollie is a champion of sourcing local ingredients. Ollie will demonstrate pickling, a traditional method of preserving produce.

He will illustrate the following taste combinations:

Pigeon, Pickled Blackberries, Oats, Parsnip Puree
Bresaola, Pickled Jerusalem Artichoke, Cheddar, Salad
Mackerel, Pickled Beetroot, Oat Pancake, Creme Fraiche


12.15pm Cakes with Secret Ingredients – Kate Saunders from Blackberry Cottage

The secret to Kate’s cakes is that vegetables are the biggest ingredient and in this demonstration she will be baking some Autumn warmers …. Hot Chocolate and Sweet Potato Dessert, and an Apple and Ginger Cake with Parsnip.





1pm Nick Lumley aka The Old Trout Smoker

Hungerford’s own Nick Lumley, when not performing in the West End can usually be found fishing on the River Kennet.

Nick’s freezer is always full of trout and he is going to share his favourite method of smoking – the fish that is.


1.45pm Introduction to Fungus Foraging by Steve Wallis
Experienced mushroomer Steve Wallis offers some important advice to get you started.

2pm “Think Global, Eat Local” by Lawrence Woodward O.B.E.

How the food we eat influences major global issues like climate change, loss of diversity, antibiotic resistance and overall health.

Making food choices can change the world.



2.30pm Delicious, Healthy Dishes from Eliane’s by Head Chef Eddie Barisha

The popular Eliane’s on Hungerford High Street specialises in healthy, tasty dishes. Their menus have a mediterranean influence and are always colourful, mouth-watering and nutritious. Eddie will be demonstrating:

Tuna Carpaccio with Asian Vegetables in a soy & ginger dressing


3.15pm Cocktails by The Three Swans Hotel Bar Team

Impress your friends by learning how to make these exclusive cocktails: Expresso Martini, Porn Star Martini and Elderflower Collins!